Pooja/ Homas

Ganapathi Pooja / Homas

Ganapathi puja has been a very spiritual and private celebration in our community going back seven to eight generations. Many families have been worshiping Lord Ganesha as their principal deity.

All Hindus attend puja at their local temple at least once a week and maintain a sacred at home, which esoterically functions as an extension of the temple. The shrine room is meticulously cared for and not used for purposes other than worship, prayer, scriptural study and meditation. Here puja home liturgy is performed daily generally by the head of the house. All members of the family attend.

Lord Ganesha Pooja in Bangalore is considered a traditional ritual in different types of puja in India, which includes Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, North and South Indian puja in Bangalore. Book your Pandit for Puja online from onlinepurohiths for your Lord Ganesha Pooja in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai etc. We provide all languages puja for Hindi Pandit, Tamil Prohithars, Kannada and Ganesha Purohit in Bangalore.

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